Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Un-Dinner

I'm sure you've felt it before. The deep seated nausea at the thought of cooking one more meal one more time this week. The idea of coming up with something based on what you have in your refrigerator makes you quake with mental anguish. Can't someone else cook? Can't we just order out again?

You are on a tight budget, went out to eat once or twice already this past week, and your family is depending on you to make something. Sigh. So now it's time to go into the kitchen and do you duty because hell, someone has to, and that someone is going to be you.

After a week of flu and lung illnesses, I've definitely been lax on the cardio and shirked some of my regular yoga routine (oh Saturday Power Yoga - I missed you!). I know that I should rest but I really, really hate inactivity! I was able to make it through Wednesday's Community Yoga, Friday's Hip Hop Power Hour, and Sunday's Power Hour with Hilaire (just barely...). My husband has also been sick all week. 

I decided I was going to grill chicken. I'm grilling chicken and YOU can figure out what to have from there! Neither one of us has been burning many calories and I was sick of making dinners...thus...the Un-Dinner was born in the form of a gigantic grilled chicken salad! Behold.

I plugged in the "George Foreman" and promptly grilled 2 chicken breasts and 2 chicken thighs, enough for chicken salads for lunch later in the week. I chopped up a carrot, 3 stalks of celery, a red bell pepper, and a half a head of green leaf lettuce. I added a handful of snow peas and sunflower seeds. Once the chicken was done, all I had to do was chop it up, add it to the salad, and drizzle some balsamic vinaigrette on top. And here we have it - the "I don't freaking feel like making dinner" dinner.


  1. You know, there's no "like button" on this blog. But I like it. I like that you are saying "F YOU" dinner, I'm going to eat something delicious without working for it.

  2. Okay there, Twitter AND Facebook :) Like me, baby!