Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sweet Potato Pie - Community and Gratitude

Every time I say the words "sweet potato pie", I think of that old country song. "...sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth..." Song of the South by Alabama. Then my head goes to American Pie. What would an American holiday BE without pie?!

We have pies for every occasion and season. We gather, we celebrate and we eat pie. Thanksgiving ushers in pumpkin pie. Maybe apple, pecan or a cheesecake grace our tables. But, what about sweet potato pie?

I never tasted it until I made one from scratch. The key is in the buttermilk hand rolled pie crust and the oven roasted sweet potatoes. Buttermilk makes a tender crust and roasting the sweet potatoes provides a lovely caramelized flavor and color. Add a few secret ingredients and you're set to "shut your mouth".

Spend time with your loved ones. Take a moment to give thanks for what you have and what/who you are. Gratitude.

No time to bake from scratch? No worries! Pick up one of these beauties for a donation to Just B Yoga between $10 and $15. Pay what you can. All proceeds to benefit Just B Yoga. Buy one before or after either Thanksgiving Day class (8:30 am - full class, 11:00 am). Support yoga and tai chi in Lansing AND eat a pie.

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