Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Application Complete

I spent a good 20 minutes digging for an email I created that had "why I want to be a yoga teacher" all wrapped up in a shiny paragraph with a big bright electronic bow. I did not find it. I am certain that I do not need to find it. If I cannot articulate why I want to do teacher training...how can I possibly want to do teacher training?

Application complete. Essay written. Books in curriculum ordered. Books in other curriculum and suggested from teacher friends were also ordered.

With my new house came a new computer/yoga room. We have faux hardwood floors. I am giddy. I have practiced creating my own vinyasa before, but now I have space and the right flooring to try it on!

Last night I took my first stab at creating a playlist and running through my own sequence to said playlist in time allotted (1 hour). It is a rock your body sweat it out and leave it on the mat kind of playlist. It is pop and rap and dirty. I sweated it out. I made things up. I learned a lot. I have a ton of questions. I look forward to learning way, way more.

As I feel every day - so much to learn, so little time!

I am eternally busting-at-the-seams grateful for where I am at, who I am studying with, what I am studying and learning and what I am doing and how I am doing it. Passionately grateful.

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